Apr 23 2015

Urinary Incontinence

Here is a case we thought it was worth sharing in case your cat is experiencing similar symptoms.

This cat went to a veterinarian 1 and 1/2 years ago for urinating inappropriately in the owner’s home. After performing a urinalysis (urine test), the diagnosis made at the previous clinic was a behavior problem. Behavior modification medication was prescribed. Months later, the patient came to Legacy Veterinary Clinic for a consultation and a second opinion. The complaints included blood in the urine, incontinence, urinating on inappropriate spots, and lethargy.

Careful evaluation of a blood chemistry and CBC (red and white blood cell evaluation) and ultrasonic diagnostics led us to finding the actual underlying reason. Over 25 small sharp edged calcium oxalate bladder stones were found in the bladder.

Ultrasonic appearance of bladder stones

All stones were surgically removed with care.  Many of the stones had injured the lining layer of bladder.  Blood in the urine stopped within three days.  Behavior modification medication were discontinued and the kitty is feeling well.

Multiple bladder stones removed from the bladder

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