Apr 23 2015

Dental X- Ray

Why taking dental X-Ray is important?

The American Animal Hospital Association’s dental care guidelines mandate dental x-rays for pre and post operation for performing dental extractions on cats and dogs. At Legacy Veterinary Clinic a full mouth dental radiography is also an essential step in dental cleanings and necessary for accurate oral evaluation and diagnosis.

Dental x-ray is performed due to the below reasons:

  • To see possible problem areas below the gum or inside the tooth
  • To properly evaluate the progression of periodontal disease
  • To explore reasons behind unexplained bleeding of tooth, or a missing tooth
  • To provide Professional and detailed documentation to take preventive measures
  • To investigate hidden reasons which may cause bad breath in pets
  • To explore possible causes for loss of appetite in pets
  • To measure bone loss around a tooth and to plan accordingly
  • To see if pain management therapy is needed

Tooth root infection and loss of Alveolar bone

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